What Does P mean at price line?
P means Price in yuan. All the prices are listed in this way.

How do I place my order?
Add to your shopping cart, view the cart and turn to agent to submit the order.

When will my order be processed?
Usually,agent will handle your order on the same day if you submit an order before 6:00 P.M. China Standard Time(CST).

If later than that time, your order will be processed the next day.

When will my items be shipped?
Once you have placed orders on TFB, sellers will send out your items. Normally, it takes 3-7 days for your items to be delivered to agent warehouses during domestic shipping. However,in some special cases,it takes more than 30 days for sellers to get ready of stock and ship your items. In the event of that, please kindly wait and understand. But rest assured,this is the exception rather than the normal situation.

How could I be certain if the size I choose is the correct one?
You may choose to contact online customer service, our online support team will help your solve all of your problem(during working time), or you can leave your message via order inquiry when your orders are assigned to agent. Usually,you will get reply within 1 working day.

I need more Quality Control(QC) pictures.What should I do?
By default,agent will send you 3 free QC pictures.You could apply for detailed photo service and ask for more pictures(1 yuan per piece)

How to apply for return? How can I check the process?
Generally speaking,products can be returned without any reason. If refund,we will sent all money back except domestic shipping fee (both from seller to agency to seller)

When is the deadline to submit a return/exchange request?
If more than 30 days have lapsed since the item arrived at agent company’s warehouse,sellers will decline any return/exchange request. Therefore,you must submit your request before that point of time.

How long does it take to return or exchange goods?

Generally speaking, the return time is within 7-15 days, we will process the return and refund.Once seller sign for the item and refund,we will refund you instantly. The exchange of goods is within 7-20 days, and new products will be shipped to warehouse.We will take care of your order and urge seller to speed this process for you.

Does TFB provide any other value-added services?

Yes,we do. If you need such extra services as taking more pics/extend storage period/rehearsal package,please go to the agent page of the corresponding order,and choose the extra service accordingly,then submit and pay for this“value-added service”order. After that, the warehouse stuff will deal with it,and inform you via the internal message.

Tips:if you have already chosen the package removing service,please kindly know that you will be no longer able to return/exchange. So make sure you are absolutely satisfied with the condition of the items and ready to ship out the items before applying for any package removing service.